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He was so kind and very easy to talk with! Beautiful room set up with the mineral rock lighting and beautiful nature music on. The bed was SUPER comfy and warm as well. The massage was divine and beyond relaxing and rejuvenating! It will now be a MUST for me to return to him to keep up with my health and pampering! A++

Groupon - March 15, 2016

Alen is an amazing therapist. I have had other massages before on a repeat basis, but all those past sessions pale in comparison to Alen’s work. After my first session with Alen I realized what a great massage is!

At each session I have had with Alen, the appointment always includes discussion of my current physical areas of distress as well as insightful conversation on the body and the muscles he will be working. I have always felt comfortable asking questions for my own understanding before or during the massage. Alen is always attentive to the comfort, physical pressure of his work and totality of the experience.

I feel like Alen’s life journey involving jobs that have required physical exertion provide him with a strong empathy when someone like myself, who works on my feet daily, is on his table. Alen’s process of working tough areas hard and then returning to them for a relaxed, soothing revisit seem to work wonders for my physical ailments and physiological well-being.

Alen’s peaceful disposition, skills and positive energy are only enhanced by the truly nice human being he is. I recommend Alen’s work and his professional approach to anyone.”

Curtis R.

I have been using Alen for my massages for several months and find him to be an excellent therapist. I have a low back problem that necessitates massages every week as prescribed by my doctor. I find lasting relief from pain when visiting Alen. I recommend him highly!

Alice W.

I like Alen’s technique. Starting out with the scalp massage puts me in a relaxed state of mind then my body can relax. He’s very good at finding the trouble areas but also backs off if the pain is too much. He does come back to the area once you are relaxed once again. Like I said, Alen has a really good technique and it works for me. I would recommend him to others.

Valerie E.

Great, very relaxing.  Alen knew my neck was bothering me, and went down to my wrist.  What a relieve.  Alen is very professional.  Go visit him.  Pamper yourself.

Kathleen K.

I received a 90 minute massage from Alen. He was very professional. I told him where I thought it hurt and he found where my pain was originating from and helped me tremendously. He is very knowledgeable and informed me of everything he was doing. He also suggested stretching exercises for me to do. I highly recommend Alen to anyone who needs relief from pain or even just a relaxing massage.

Maggie D.